Seeking Professional Help for Your Dissertation

Help for your dissertation can be found in many places. You can find help on the internet, from your dissertation advisor, and even from your own friends and colleagues. But you may need intense and focused guidance offered by experts such as professional dissertation consultants. However, finding the right professional help can be as challenging as writing the dissertation itself.

Since your dissertation is the final task before earning your degree, running into serious challenges where you’d need expert dissertation help means it’s important to find that qualified person able to provide the help you need, within the time-frame you need it. Fortunately, there are many people and organizations qualified enough to help with any challenge you’re facing.

But there are also scam artists, websites, and organizations that can dupe you out of your money. To help you avoid getting duped and find the appropriate assistance you’re looking for, we’ve written this guide explaining the different factors you should take into consideration when searching for professional dissertation help, whether online or in-person.

Professional dissertation assistance: Factors to consider when searching for the right dissertation/thesis expert or consultant


The first factor to consider when looking for expert dissertation help is depth of knowledge. Does the expert have experience in your particular field of study? Does the website or organization you’re dealing with have consultants who are published? Once you know this, you can consider other important factors.


Any professional dissertation expert you’re seeking should maintain a certain level of credibility, Some doctoral and thesis students get lost in the details, or get pulled in by an enticing offer, and may forget about this. Can someone who has not written a thesis or dissertation themselves really help you? Can someone who has not completed an empirical research study on their own really help you with research design?

When it comes to credibility, it’s important you investigate a candidate’s credentials. This includes whether or not they hold an advanced degree as well as where they got their degree. You should also ask for past writing samples and links or documents showing any published work they have.

Experience is another important factor. Its one thing to successfully write a dissertation and it’s an entirely different thing to give professional guidance for someone seeking help. So make sure you learn more about how long any potential candidate has been in the field of dissertation consulting. Whenever possible, ask for references and make sure to find credible testimonials from past clients about their experiences and levels of satisfaction.


As almost every doctoral student has experienced, getting timely help from a dissertation supervisor can be challenging. But worse than this is paying for a dissertation professional that is slow to help you. There are also companies that want to scam you out of your money; other honest dissertation experts and organizations simply might not have the time or staff available to help you within the time-frame you need.

Because you have likely set milestones and deadlines for your dissertation tasks, getting fast quality help is imperative. Make sure that whichever professional you’re considering can help you in a timely manner.

Set clear guidelines when you initially talk to your dissertation expert. Make absolutely sure they fully understand what’s expected of them and in what time-frame you expect it.

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